Early Childhood

Mrs. Jane Beaty and Ms. Adriana Schilace

January 17, 2017

Parent Open House is coming up soon! This event, January 25 and 26, is an opportunity for parents to simply drop in to the classroom between 8 and 9 AM, and for students to show off the works they have been learning all year. The event is offered for two days in the hope that you will be able to come on at least one of the days. Any parent, grandparent, or friend of the family is welcome. We hope you will be able to drop by. 

Student Overnight is just around the corner! Please see more details in your child’s folder.

 Have a great week!

January/February Snack Schedule:

Jan. 23-27:                   James
Jan. 30-Feb. 3             Loftin
Feb. 6-10:                    Patel
Feb. 13-17:                  Grumbles
Feb. 21-24:                  Downing-Phillips
Feb. 27-March 3:        Bryan

Snack Suggestions: Fresh fruit (grapes, strawberries, cuties, bananas, apples, blueberries, melon); fresh veggies (baby carrots, celery, cucumber, grape tomatoes)—optional dipping sauce acceptable (hummus, ranch, dip); trail mix; granola bars; natural applesauce; rice cakes or other whole-grain crackers; Cheerios (plain, please); cheese (sticks and single-serving packs are preferred); yogurt; whole-grain bread (bagel, etc.) with a light spread; pretzels; raisins; whole-grain tortilla chips with mild salsa. No popcorn, please