Lower Elementary

Ms. Sharon Brandon

May 22, 2017

Please join Lamplighter families tonight for dinner at the Fundraising Night at Panera Bread Company at 714 Germantown Parkway at Trinity between 4 and 8 p.m.

 Last week, Mr. Wetzel presented a workshop about the art of balloon twisting to the Lower Elementary students. He explained about the different types balloon art. He showed them different types of balloons and different examples of what you can make with each type of balloon. Best of all, he taught them how to twist a balloon and make a dog and a mouse. Thank you, Mr. Wetze!

We finished a read-aloud story, Pinocchio.  Students enjoyed the story of how the wooden puppet became a real boy. This week we will compare the book to a video version.

We finished a 1000 piece puzzle of the United States Presidents that Ms. Sampson found for us while she was traveling last summer. The puzzle includes pictures of the presidents, as well as, historic events, United States map, famous houses, and landmarks. Thank you, Ms. Sampson!

Other special events this week include learning more about Columbia, the Memphis in May honored country,  yearbook signing day, and Moving-up day for the third graders.

Have a good week!


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