Early Childhood

Mrs. Lavarreda and Ms. King

May 22, 2017

Hello everybody! We hope you’ve had a terrific weekend. The end of the school year is approaching quickly and our little friends are getting so excited about summer vacations; we’ve been talking about our plans for this coming summer and we’ve heard some great plans so far.

We would like to tell you that even though school is almost over our students are working as hard as the beginning of the school year, we are so proud of them. This past week we had a couple of dinosaur’s experiments done in the classroom; we are observing a couple of dinosaurs growing in water and these were the most exciting works of the week for us! We also added a dinosaur digging work, a hammering, and a button pattern work in our practical life shelves. Some of our friends are working on making sight words booklets and some others are enjoying working with on the new art lessons including making a dinosaur’s collage egg. On Wednesday we will are planning on having a special dinosaur snack; we will make a dinosaur with special ingredients and we hope it will taste yummy, wish us luck.

This week we will review some of the works in the classroom; we will go over several of the sensorial works, continents, and initial sounds with all the students. Also during this week we will continue talking about Colombia and we will have a food tasting event this coming Tuesday; we would like to thank Mrs. Rodriguez for organizing this special event and to all the parents and teachers who will bring a dish for the students to taste, thanks a lot!


  • Return Monday folder and mat cover to school please.
  • Send your child to school with a water bottle every day!
  • Commencement ceremony for the kindergarteners is this coming Friday starting at 9:15; please plan on sending your child on time.

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