Early Childhood

Mrs. Lavarreda and Ms. King

January 17, 2017

Happy Tuesday everybody, hopefully you had a great weekend and a peaceful Martin Luther King day. Last week was a very busy week for us; we has a few more lessons on Antarctica including talking about animals that live in the Arctic and animals that live in Antarctica. Also some of our students spent a lot of time working on push pinning Antarctica and reading about the continent. We also had new art lessons including making a polar bear collage and winter cards for friends. Every Tuesday we spend the last part of our morning cycle doing yoga and coming together as a group while we have our peace ceremony. Last week we practice different yoga poses imitating arctic animals such as moose (warrior pose), polar bear (bear walk), snow goose (pigeon pose), walrus (cobra pose), and whale (locust pose); we had so much fun doing this and it was the perfect way to reinforce other lessons we’ve had in the past couple of weeks. Also this past Friday we had some extra time to prepare a special snack in group: we made polar bears out of a flour tortilla, banana/peanut butter for the nose, and raisins for the eyes. Having this fun snack was our favorite activity of the week.

With the kindergarten students we also had our afternoons pretty busy; we had time to practice writing the names of animals that live in the desert, woods, arctic, and river. We were able to finish our booklets on the desert and rain forest; with these lessons we finalize our habitats unit and we are very excite to learn about minerals, rocks, and shells during this week.


  • Thanks to the Xu family for providing snack this week.
  • Please return Monday, mat covers, and lunch forms on time.
  • Send easy to open lunch containers for lunch time; this helps your kid’s to gain independence and to practice his/her practical life’s skills.
  • Send a cloth napkin for lunch time.
  • If your child stays for late day, please send an extra snack for the afternoon.