Early Childhood

Mrs. Lavarreda and Ms. King

March 6, 2017

Hello everyone, we are hoping you’ve had a relaxed and wonderful weekend. Last week we had some new lessons that we enjoyed so much; we’ve started our week by learning a new song about the solar system, learning about the phases of the moon, and working on building sequence puzzles. We also celebrated Montessori week by choosing our flag’s contest winner Triniti Holliday, congratulations to her and to the rest of the students who participated in such a nice event.

On Thursday we had another inside field trip; the Lichterman Nature Center visited us to talk about five senses. Our students had the opportunity to explore different materials by using all their senses and going to different stations around the room. At the end of the program we had the chance to touch, talk, and ask questions about two animals (a snake and a rabbit); this was the most excited part of the program!

Last Friday we planted some flowers with the students; they had a wonderful time working with Mrs. Nevels who is always helping us with our little projects, thanks so much Mrs. Nevels! We will keep our little pots outside so the plants get enough sun to grow; our parents are welcome to visit our garden at any time.  The kindergarten students finished their work on the states of matter and are ready to start learning all about simple machines. This week we will be talking about magnetism with all the students and we hope this unit will bring lots of interest in our new works.

Don’t forget spring break is the week of March 13-17, and on Friday, March 24, we will have Parent/Teacher conferences. This day will be a non-school day for students, but child care will be provided during the time of your conference. Please sign up for a conference time with the main office. Most conferences are 15 minutes, but kindergarten students get 30 minutes, so if your child is in kindergarten, be sure to sign up for two 15-minute time slots.

Next week is our Spring break and we hope you have a wonderful time wherever you go; keep safe and enjoy your vacation time!


  • Thanks to The Nevels Family for bringing snack this week.
  • Return Monday folders, mat covers, and lunch/pizza forms on time.
  • Please do not send any sweets or colored drinks to school; we appreciate your help on this matter.

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