Middle School

Ms. Ashley KIng

It's been another awesome week! Cycle 1 is moving along. The theme of this cycle is forces. In social world, we are learning about revolutions and focusing on the American Revolution. In literature, we are currently reading Animal Farm.

On Thursday, we will observe the International Day of Peace. The students have been working on a peace pledge that they will recite in front of the school. We will also be putting out pinwheels for everyone to enjoy at Potluck! If you haven't already, please sign up to bring a dish to share with the school that night!

Due to Hurricane Irma, MMUN has pushed back sign up day to Wednesday. Hopefully this will be the last time they push the date back so that we can get out country and start our research!

Come back next week to see pictures from our Peace Day and Potluck! Enjoy your week!

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