Middle School

Ms. Kelli Ward


March 6, 2017


Every morning, during our morning meeting, one item of business is acknowledgements.  Students take this opportunity to thank someone who has been helpful, kind, or has made a difference in their lifves recently. Students might thank their parents for bringing them to school, thank a friend for helping,prepare for a quiz, or thank someone for being a great role model in life.  I am honored to be the one who witnesses this everyday. Your children are grateful for you and all you do for them. So with that said, I would like to acknowledge my students’ parents and extended families for working side by side with me as we guide your child through their Middle School Adventure.

We are off to New York City Wednesday morning. Please be at the airport no later than 4:45AM.  I am very proud of the student’s hard work and have no doubt they will make themselves, you, me, and their school proud.  Please look for Ms. Walker’s nightly emails and pictures.

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Language Arts 7th, Language Arts 8th 
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