Middle School

Ms. Kelli Ward


April  24, 2017

This week is reserved for taking the Stanford 10.  Please be on time every day and eat a balanced breakfast.  Students are to have their water bottle each day and are allowed to bring small snacks for throughout the day. I appreciate all your cooperation with this.

Next week we will be completing our cycle 5 exams. The students will be preparing exam games this week in order to help themselves as well as their peers study for the exams. Monday, May 1, will be set aside for exam study games and any questions the students might still have about their exams. These will be the final exams of the year.

Today the permission forms, Agendas, and packing lists will be coming home for our trip to Kansas City, MO. Please sign the permission forms and return them as soon as possible.

Do not forget May 11, 2017 beginning at 6:00 is IRP night. You do not want to miss these presentations. The students have been working on these projects since February. They have completed each step of writing a research paper as well as complied their paper/information into a PowerPoint presentation that they will present to parents on IRP Night.

Important Dates:

April 24 – 28 Achievement Test Week
May 1 – 5 Exam/Spirit Week
May 6 – Mayfest
May 11 – IRP Night @ 6:30
May 13 - Piano Recital
May 15-16 Adventure Trip
May 26 -  Commencement
May 31 – Last Day of School

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