Toddler Class

Mrs. Zohra Panjwani and Ms. Jackie Perkins

December 11, 2017

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Our toddler community stayed busy with indoor and outdoor activities. In self-care area the children practiced putting jackets and scarfs on. They are also practicing putting shoes and socks on. This week we will have gloves available for them to work with. We will also have the baby washing work out for our young friends.

In the area, care for the environment, children helped by feeding the fish, watering the plants, and making muffins. The children helped by cutting the bananas, beating eggs, mixing all the ingredients, and scooping the batter into the tin.

Last week we enjoyed reading, “ Winter is the Warmest Season”, during our library time.

We sang our birthday song to celebrate Giovanni’s Birthday.

We will be decorating cookies for our winter program on 12/15 @ 10:30. Hope to see you all.

Have a great week!

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