Toddler Class

Mrs. Zohra Panjwani and Ms. Abby Harville

March 6, 2017

We have seen much growth throughout the school year. The students have settled in and are following daily routines. Last week the students enjoyed food tasting, as they found the similarities and differences between oranges and apples. This activity helps to improve their senses and also teaches grace and courtesy.

We also introduced a matching work for ocean animals and the students had a lot of fun learning about them. This week we plan on doing similar activities. We are also going to add another water activity.

In library Mrs. Rodriguez introduced our toddlers to a very interesting book, “Something For School”. The toddlers also got a chance to work on their art projects for the art show.

Don’t forget spring break is the week of March 13-17, and on Friday, March 24, we will have Parent/Teacher conferences. This day will be a non-school day for students, but child care will be provided during the time of your conference. Please sign up for a conference time with the main office.

Spring Break will start next week and I hope you all enjoy some warmer weather. I hope you all have a great week.

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