Toddler Class

Mrs. Zohra Panjwani and Ms. Jackie Perkins

February 12, 2018

Hope you had a great weekend.  Our younger explorers stayed busy exploring the environment. They visited and enjoyed new the Practical life and sensorial exercises which we got out last week.

The Toddlers paid great attention and focus to the dropper transfer work. They made sure to carefully fill the dropper and squeeze it in each hole.

At lunchtime, some of our older toddlers are helping by setting up the table for the entire class all by themselves. I am really proud of them for their work.

The scarf activity is a lot of fun for our toddlers at circle time. They love to move, dance, and listen for the new directions. “I Spy” Game is another circle time activity which amused our young friends. They were challenged, but excited to find various objects.

This week, pestle and mortar work will be available for pounding and using their big muscles. We will also add dry pouring work to our environment.

We read Dr. Seuss’s ABC during Library time and continued to practice Spanish vocabulary.

Hope to have another great week of exploration. Have a good week!

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