Toddler Program

Mrs. Karen Snow and Mrs. Millie Arbona

April 24, 2017

This week we are having fun with food preparation.  We are peeling hard boiled eggs, using morter and pestal to crush the egg shells for crafts, and tasting the egg if desired.  We are discussing self care through washing hands, blowing nose and brushing hair.  We are caring for plants and planting.  We are serving friends water by pouring and also, offering friends food tasting samples.  The children walk around with the serving tray and ask friends, “would you like a taste?”  We are also working one on one with scissor cutting and a math dice counting game.  We are keeping with the regular routine as much as possible as the end of the year can be very active!  This will help the children feel safe and secure and trusting so that they may continue to flourish in their learning!

Have a great week!

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