Toddler Program

Mrs. Karen Snow and Mrs. Millie Arbona

February 13, 2017

Toilet learning is a HUGE part of the work we do in the toddler community!  Learning about real, every day life is what the toddler is interested in.  They love to wash hands themselves, sweep the floor themselves, put on their own shoes, eat on their own (and clean up) and go to the bathroom.

We have several opportunities for the children to sit on the toilet if they choose to.  We make it a choice, as to help their inner drive toward independence.  We also diaper the children standing up, we feel it is the most respectful, and again, prepares them toward independence. By encouraging them to assist taking the diaper on and off and, being able to see everything that is going on they are a big part of things!  Respectfully telling them what we are doing before we do it is also a chance for us to build trusting relationships. 

It is important that we are on the same page when it is time to go to underwear!  If you notice your child has specific times they go BM, if they are staying dry through the night, if they are aware they have to urinate, and they also are showing curiosity about you going to the bathroom, let’s talk!  They may be ready….  We can form this partnership and work together toward this milestone from toddlerhood into early childhood! 

We ALL are Learning!

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