Upper Elementary

Mrs. Haynes and Ms. Walker

February 13, 2017

In math drawers this week our class has been doing the math cards that they have either been assigned or some of us our doing the cards in order. Most of us by this point in the year have met with Mrs. Haynes and have had lessons on different math concepts. The math concepts vary from 4th through 6th grade. Most of the 6th graders have gotten lessons on decimal multiplication, decimal division and multiplying fractions. All of us at the beginning of the year started math cards but like I said most of us have moved on to new concepts but some of us are still working in order. Usually when Mrs. Haynes gives us a lesson she assigns math cards to complement the new concept. We work to complete 1 math card a day so we complete about 5 math cards a week plus our fact practice. This is how math cards work in our classroom.

            Shifa will be representing our school in the county spelling bee this year. The preliminary rounds consist of 7 rounds in which each student was given a word and was to spell it.  If the student spelled it correct he or she gets another words until there is one person standing. If you get your word incorrect then you are out and you sit in your chair. The county spelling bee this year is on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. at the al Chymia Shrine Center. Shifa has been working hard for the county spelling bee. She has been practicing the words that were given to her and has been taking quizzes and playing word games. This is an exciting and nerve racking experience for Shifa. We hope she does great.

            Last week we got to have a spelling test. The 6th graders have a total of twenty words and the 4th and 5th both had fifteen words. When we are going to prepare for a test we practice. When you get a word wrong you go back to your spot and rewrite your word twenty times. We try to think of good strategies to use to help us get all our words right the first time. The best thing to do when spelling and it helps most people is to try doing the words without seeing them once, then look over the words and do them again and see how well you do. Mrs. Haynes gives us spelling words that are quite challenging at times but we find a way to memorize them and we get through them. The easiest way to get your words right is by trying not to over think them. Other than that, we try our best, and give it our all.

            In Spanish last week we did the 5 task cards. We worked on 5.3. The 5s focus on ‘ar’ verbs in Spanish and conjugating them. On 5.3 you were supposed to translate the English phrase to Spanish using the are verb with the different ending depending on if it was you, I he, she, we or they. These task cards are so much fun. At the beginning of the 5 cards Everybody in the class tried to start them before the lesson but every single person in the class went over to Ms. Walker and asked her how do we do this card. Ms. Walker gave the lesson and everybody was like it was that easy. We loved working on Spanish last week.

            Last week in Biology we made booklets on Echinodermata. The animals in this phylum include:  the Starfish, Sand dollar, and the Sea Urchin. What we have to do is to cut out pictures for the booklet. We have to write information on the back of the card and color the picture than is on the front of the paper. Each week we have a different phylum to work on. The Biology Matrix is the full name of the work. The Biology Matrix booklet lessons are given by Mrs. Haynes, and when we are done with the Biology Matrix Booklet we have it checked by Mrs. Haynes or Ms. Walker. The Biology Matrix booklet is very fun to do during the day. 

            In Literature last week Cameron gave everyone a personality test to see who they were from the story called Friendship According to Humphrey. We took the test to see if we were Og the frog or Humphrey the Hamster. 17 scored Humphrey, 2 scored Og and 1 scored a mix of both. We have been working very hard on individual book projects.  We have all picked our own books and book report assignments. Next, several of the 5th graders have started reading The City of Ember by Jane Dupray. In Literature group with Ms. Ward, the 6th graders are reading the Curious Mis Adventures of Feltus Ovalton by Jo Treggairy. We look forward to the next book and projects. Literature is such a peaceful and quiet time in Mrs. Haynes and Ms. Walker’s class.  

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