Upper Elementary

Mrs. Haynes and Ms. Walker

January 17, 2017

Congratulations to Lamplighter’s Geography Bee winner, Jinnda Kane. Students and teachers alike had a great time participating and learned so much in the process.

We have a busy and exciting week ahead. Students will use the animal they chose for their five paragraph essay and apply the classification lesson as they create Chinese boxes for that animal. We will move into the Silurian period of time and students will research animals and share their findings with their peers. Students are working to become experts on various history assignments and are working with peers to prepare to present on their topic.

In Spanish, this past week students went on a Scavenger hunt through the classroom to learn school-related vocabulary. We also learned about the helpful phrase Hay, which means, “There is.” In our Spanish task cards, we practiced this phrase with our vocabulary.

Friday is our annual Bear Day.  This is a long time tradition where students are allowed to bring a stuffed bear to spend the day with them at school. Our school-wide annual overnight is coming up soon.. If you have not turned in your sign up form please do that as soon as possible.

Please continue to support your child as they prepare for their spelling bee on Friday.